KDE KEDS/Preschool Timeline

Season Recommended Assessment / Observation Period
Recommended Assessment Window
KEDS Online Open Deadline*
First day of school
August 1 - October 1 September 15~
November 15


[Baseline / Entry for Students who enroll midyear]

First day child enrolled
November 1 - January 15 or within 4-6 weeks of enrollment December 1
January 31
[Progress Data]
March 1
March 1 - May 1
April 1
May 30

~KEDS will open earlier beginning with the 2016-17 school year, extending the amount of time for data entry.

*By this deadline the item-level assessment data must be entered into the approved data entry system AND child demographics verified in KEDS Online.

+The Winter data collection is only for children who enroll mid-year and whose assessment data is not available before the November 15 deadline.


It is recommended to have all Infinite Campus information entered prior to the opening of KEDS.


Timeline last updated 7/27/2016.  Questions? Email hdi-ectech@l.uky.edu